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Leverage the New Age of AI-Powered Automation.

Stencil Suite of Skills


Our robotic Cutting skill is capable of cutting various types of meat, fish, and vegetables with precision. The system also has the ability to optimize the cutting plan such that waste of ingredients is minimized. 

Wire Handling

Stencil's Wire Handling skill performs wire tracing, pushing wire into hooks, as well as plugging in connectors according to a given wiring plan.


A highly customizable and self-served system, Stencil's Picking skill allows our customers to easily adapt the AI models to any target object for optimal picking performance.

Liquid Pouring

Stencil's Liquid Pouring skill enables your robot arm to accurately pour a specified amount of liquid (in terms of weight) into a target container to within 1% error margin. The system can also be trained on various liquid types & viscosities, as well as different container types.

Powder Scooping

Stencil's Powder Scooping skill uses computer vision to make optimized decisions for the position of every scooping action to maximize the amount of powder scooped. The system is also able to perform stirring actions when the amount of remaining powder is low, so that it can continue to scoop.


Using powerful optimization algorithms, Stencil's Packing skill generates near optimal plans for reliably packing a list of 3D items in a given box. The system is highly customizable, and allows for specifying parameters such as margin of error for item and box dimensions.

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